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Recycling Revelations

Who knew..? Bread bags are recyclable!!

Did you know that all of the bags we use for our bread are recyclable? Unfortunately many local authorities don't have the facilities to recycle them. The good news is many larger UK supermarkets now accept bread bags (and many other carrier bags) for recycling at their stores, with collection points usually found near the main entrance. Taking your bread bags along to your local supermarket is a great way play your part in looking after the environment.

But it's not only bread bags...

It's not only bread bags that can be recycled in this way, you can take along all manner of plastic bags; vegetable bags, toilet roll bags, all those stretchy bags that your groceries are packaged in. Just look out for the recycling logo.

Watch this space...

We've already added a recycling logo to some of our bread bags and plan to roll this out to the rest of the range in the future to make it clearer that they can be recycled.

The future

Here at Kingsmill we are constantly reviewing our packaging and on the look out for any innovations which can maintain product freshness and help environmental improvements

Further Information

Visit the recyclenow website for more information